Junta threatens increased restrictions amid additional pressure on hospitals

The Junta de Andalusian is worried as they face the curve of the fifth wave of the coronavirus pandemic.

The region registers 3,999 positive coronavirus cases on Saturday July 17, marking a cumulative incident rate increase for seventeen consecutive days. This marks an increase of 117.1 points for 100,000 inhabitants compared to last week’s numbers.

Following the increase in positive cases, the Junta’s committee of experts will meet this week to revise decisions about the region’s easing of coronavirus measures programme, which has been stalled for several weeks amid uncertainty and growing case numbers.

Juanma Moreno, president of the Andalusian regional government, made it clear that the government is worried, issuing a warning to residents via Twitter saying: “We will take action if necessary”.

“There are 200 more patients admitted for Covid 19 in Andalusian hospitals than two weeks ago. Take extra care! Hospitalisations are on the rise, although thanks to the vaccine we are far from the maximum peak of the pandemic. We will continue to monitor the situation,” the Junta’s head tweeted.

According to data provided by the Junta on Sunday July 18, the region reported that they had administered a total of 9,198,217 does of the COVID-19 vaccine, leaving 4,377,710 Andalusians fully vaccinated, and 5,177,773 with at least one dose.


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