Living Nativity Scene in Huelva Will Not Open This Year

For the first time in its 50 year history, the Living Nativity Scene in Beas (Huelva) will not open to the public this year. 

The living Belen has been cancelled due to concerns as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

Organised by the Brotherhood of Our Lady of the Clares, it is the oldest in Andalucia and the second oldest in Spain. It is considered to be one of Huelva’s seven wonders and received the Gold Medal of the Province. It is the main tourist attraction in the town. 

The Living Nativity Scene depicts traditional stories from the bible with children and animals featuring in the scenes. It also includes bygone ways of life and uses tools and other forgotten elements to present it to the audience. 

Each scene represents traditional aspects of the lifestyle of the village throughout history. Antiques such as domestic articles, furniture, household utensils, farm tools, weight and measurement instruments are all used to bring the scenes together. 

Cobblers, blacksmiths, seamstresses and potters are among the traditional trades that are featured in the scenes. 

The town usually welcomes around 20,000 visitors a year. Around the Belen, traditional markets have been set up. They include the likes of chestnuts, home-made sweets, chocolates as well as crafts and ceramics. 


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