Mijas Dog Walkers Will Have To Wash Away Urine

Dog walkers in Mijas will soon be expected to wash away their dog’s urine.

Mayor Josele Gonzalez revealed on Tuesday, December 1st, that the law will change to include urine in the new year. At the moment, it is only necessary to pick up dog faeces.

This means that walkers will have to carry a bottle of soapy water to wash away anything their pet leaves behind.

Gonzalez said, “Keeping our streets clean in essential and is everyone’s job.”

The extension of the law comes as part of the “Cuida Mijas” campaign, which means to Look After Mijas. The campaign launched today, Tuesday and is directed at pet owners to clean up after their pets.

Tamara Vera, Head of Citizen Participation, said, “This is a very good initiative which hopes to raise awareness of the importance of keeping the streets of the municipality clean, since it is a space which we all make use of daily and which we like to see in the best condition.”

Vera said that residents can take part by recording themselves saying how important it is to clean up.

Pet owners taking part in the campaign will receive a walking kit. The kit includes a fanny pack, poo bag dispenser and a bottle to hold the diluting water for urine.

The videos will be posted on the city council website and social media. The most-liked clips will win a €100 lunch voucher for any Mijas restaurant.

Check out the Mijas City Council for more information on how to enter.


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