Whole Municipality in Andalucia To Be Tested For COVID-19

Cuevas del Becerro will be the first municipality in Andalucia where the whole population is to be tested for COVID-19. 

The decision came after mass testing on Friday revealed there was a high infection rate in the area. There was 71.4% positive tests, which meant that 130 out of the 182 tested had Covid.  

On Friday, 27th of November, the Junta de Andalucia and the local town hall urged residents of the town located between Guadalteba and Serranía de Ronda in the province of Malaga to not leave their homes unless absolutely essential. 

1,400 tests will be carried out from Monday, November 30th, in the Andalusian health service’s mobile unit.

Locals have reported having felt nervous after they were called to the mobile unit or to their local doctor’s surgery this morning. 

In the meantime, volunteers from the Civil Protection organisation have been shopping for residents who are self-isolating in their homes following a positive Covid test. As well as that, special controls have been set up at roads entering the village.


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