New restrictions for Andalusia

The Junta has introduced new measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, after weeks of growth in cases.

Andalucia faced its worst month of the COVID-19 pandemic so far in August with a constant rise in positive cases and hospitalisations. In an effort to tame this growth in figures, the Junta has decided to implement additional initiatives for the area.

A new regulation which modifies the Order of June 19 on preventative measures in relation to public health detailed the measures as follows:

– Closure of beaches
In Andalucia, beaches will close at 9:30 pm to 7:00 am for leisure and recreation.

Fishing and similar individual activities will be allowed to go ahead, while restaurants situated on the beach can continue to operate as normal.

– Limitations for nursing homes
In the circumstance of a confirmed case of COVID-19 in a residential centre, visits will be suspended. This will also apply if there are more than three suspected cases in the centre. This temporary postponement will continue for 28 days from the date of diagnosis of the most recent case.

Outings and vacations of less than 10 days will also be suspended in this scenario. If trips are planned for an area that has seen 30 cases or more per 100,000 residents in the past fortnight, it will be cancelled.

Inhabitants of the centre are permitted to attend hospital appointments and return to the centre if there have been no positive cases within 14 days and patients due for re-admission have tested negative 72 hours prior.

Plans to ease the negative impact of isolation in terms of emotional, physical and cognitive capacity on the elderly must be introduced by every nursing home.

Quarantine will be kept as a preventative measure once in the centre.

– Day centres
Day centres, occupational centres and non-residential centres will continue to operate as normal if there are no confirmed cases.

On-site activities will be halted should a positive case be confirmed. The service will be resumed through telematic channels.

Users may return to the centre once they have received a negative test result 72 hours prior.
Private parties and events
No more than 150 people outdoors or 100 indoors at weddings, baptisms and other private celebrations.

These events must end at 1 am, in compliance with the established timetable for catering. Food and beverages must be consumed at the dining table exclusively.

– Business meetings
Conferences, business meetings, trade fairs and similar events are permitted to go ahead with space to social distance, strict hand hygiene and the use of masks. The meeting must not exceed 75% capacity.

There is a maximum of 10 people per table and the event can continue until 1 am.

– Leisure activities
Indoor leisure activities must not exceed 50% capacity or up to a maximum of 100 participants. 150 participants or up to 75% capacity is permitted for outdoor events.

15 participants may attend a group class with social distancing and use of a mask. If possible, the class should be held outside.

30 people may attend active tourism and nature activity groups, but groups with a tour guide may only have 20 participants.


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