62% of Spaniards will continue wearing masks, study finds

A new survey conducted by Cofares, a Spanish cooperative for the distribution of medicinal and hygiene products, revealed that 62% of Spaniards would continue to wear a face mask in public, even if deemed not mandatory by the government. 

The study originally set out to investigate peoples’ long-term plans in regards to face coverings after more than a year of mandatory public use. 

According to the results of the survey, the majority of Spaniards are prepared to continue to utilize face coverings on public transit, in hospitals, and during cold and flu season. 

The study also investigated peoples’ preferences when it came to the various types of masks on the market. Results revealed that 41.5% preferred FFP2 masks, while 37% preferred standard issue surgical masks. Cloth masks, which do not offer any guaranteed protection against COVID-19, rounded out the pack, preferred by only 21.5% of participants. 

According to additional data gathered by Cofares, the supply to pharmacies of surgical face masks increased by an astronomical 1,400% over the past year. 

Reports show that Spaniards have taken well to mask mandates since the start of the pandemic, and the results of the Cofares study provide a positive outlook on the future of the countries fight against COVID-19. 

Adherence to mask mandates in regions like Andalusia are partially responsible for continually decreasing COVID-19 cases throughout the region. 

Earlier this week, the Junta de Andalusia announced that less than 0.2% of schools in the region are currently experiencing cases of COVID-19, with only one school currently shut down due to the virus. 


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