Spain’s Health Minister Salvador Illa has announced that tourists coming through airports are now required to pass three health controls.

Illa revealed this new protocol at a press conference on Friday, stating that it was necessary for the protection of Spanish citizens and essential to stopping the spread of Covid-19.

Spain has slowly begun to open its borders to UK tourist and on July 1st well loosen more travelling restrictions.

These three controls include the following processes:

  1. Documents must be provided by tourists that reveal where they’re coming from, where they can be contacted during stay and other necessary travel information.
  2. Medical machines will be in place to measure visitor’s temperature in search of a fever.
  3. Every visitor must abide to a visual test so medical experts can try to see any signs of illness.

If any of these three stages aren’t successful, the passenger must be seen properly by a doctor.

Furthermore, there have been six hundred new staff brought in to maintain these new controls at airports. This includes medical staff such as doctors and nurses, as well as security and airport personnel.



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