Yellow Weather Warning Issued For Malaga

Intense rain is expected to fall on Malaga over the coming week. A yellow weather warning has been issued for the area. 

Tuesday, November 3rd, will see the weather shift from clear skies to overcast conditions in the afternoon. Rain is expected to fall overnight. 

Costa del Sol, Guadalhorce and Malaga are 100% likely to see rain from Wednesday, according to the Spanish weather agency AEMET. Some areas are predicted to see up to 15 litres of rainfall per square metre in one hour. 

The weather warning kicks in at 10 am on Wednesday, November 4th, to 11:59 pm later that day.

While Thursday is not expected to be as wet, Friday will see the percentage for the chance of rain come up again. It will hit 95% by Saturday and stabilise again by Sunday. 

Temperatures will also cool down this week. Lows will hit 15C to 18C while highs on Wednesday will hit 19C. By Friday, they will rise again to 24C. 

AEMET have commented on the weather this coming week and have said that a yellow status does not pose an immediate danger. However, it is recommended to plan travel ahead to prevent getting caught in delays or disruptions.


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