New Bike Lanes Safe To Use, Says Malaga Council

Following the protest of 5,000 cyclists in Malaga on Sunday, the council has claimed that the new cycling lanes are safe. They also claimed that two-way lanes are not safe. This is because they cause conflicts at crossing points, the council said. 

Councillor for Urban Traffic, Jose del Rio, said, “We are going to study the entire network and they will be done where they are technically possible, bidirectional and segregated, but always with maximum security because we cannot put users at risk.” 

He added, “I have taken note of the message from the citizens in the demonstration, but it was not addressed only to the City Council but also to the previous socialist government of the Junta, which until the change was investing in bike lanes in Seville and did not do one in Malaga”. 

According to del Rio, “the only way to get bikes and scooters off the sidewalks as soon as possible, as mandated by the DGT” was to use the lanes.


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